Agile PM with Scrum (in German)
Zürich - September 9 & 10, 2008

Next Scrum Course in German: Agile Project Management with Scrum this September in Zürich:
How to plan, manage and control the Scrum software development process. A hands on introduction to the concepts needed by and tasks performed by the agile Project Manager (Scrum Master) and Customer or Program Manager (“Product Owner”) and the development team.

This course offers the substance of a Certified Scrum Master training without the expense of certification.

Register for Course Agile PM with Scrum (in German)

Price €995.– (CHF 1'580.–)

For those who want more hands on experience, the next day I will hold Workshop Scrum Sprint Zero with TargetProcess (also in German). Hands on, going though the entire process of planing, estimating, starting and reviewing a sprint. Not just for TargetProcess users.

Price €635.– (CHF 990.–)

Register for Workshop Scrum Sprint Zero with TargetProcess (in German)

You can sign up for both courses for €1'495.– (CHF 2'370–). You save €135.–.

Register for both, get theoretical, practical and hands on experience, and save!

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